Indigo Corner!
News: The Website is up! Yaaay!


This is kinda nice. The last page on my website i made before it was released to the public. And that was such a big day! /\./\ I could hardly wait. Here are some things i plan to add to my website, someday.

  • I plan to put some of my fanfiction up. But to do that i need to finalize my fanfiction a bit, so that way no one gets confused.
  • I plan to put reviews of every pokémon game i have ever played so people know what to get.
  • I plan to add some more quizzes, games, fun riddles, etc to my website.
  • I plan to incorporate more mascot pokémon onto my website (Currently i have mew and sort of Jirachi), although i'm not sure which ones yet (probably mythicals).
  • I plan to create a whole separate site, or some sort of separate navigation/ part of the site that deals all with fake pokémon, regions, moves, etc that i created, similar to Kratos Aurion's PheonixDex.
  • I plan to make again mini-websites advertising my mysterious fan-projects...
  • And i plan to buy a custom domain.
  • I plan to add a donation page to pay for the custom domain and for XenForo, assuming people would want to donate, which i can't bet on yet.
  • A podcast or youtube series.
  • I plan to take this website off Wix and Learn HTML/CSS.
  • Probably some other stuff.

And hey, this isn't the only stuff happening on the site. I'm always adding more, and if you have a suggestion please ask me! I'm always open to suggestions :D