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How similar is Unova to New York?

This is probably the most interesting thing i have on my site at the time of writing. It's basically a review type thing of pokémon Black(2) and White(2), but i'm not reviewing those games on how much i liked this or that. I'm reviewing them based on how similar Unova is to new york. I live in America, and i lived in the Northeast for a long time, so although i can't be 100% accurate, i think i can get a point across.

The History

So, according to Bulbapedia, and also definitely the games. But it's been at least three years since i last played them, so give me a break. Anyhow, according to Bulbapedia, It's about twin heroes with (legendary) Dragon Pokémon and then a war happened and a castle was built (That was vague on purpose to avoid spoilers). This all sounds really awesome, but it doesn't seem like something that would happen in new york. Negative points for building a literal castle. That was pretty short to be honest. The Gen 5 games had plenty of history, but none of it is worthwhile to review or screams new york to me.

The Locations

Some of these were really good. Castelia City is just like manhattan, however we also have all sort of ridiculous places everywhere, so i'll just talk about the things that seem either very very new york like, or the very bad things, nothing in-between.

Castelia City

I know i just talked about this city, but it's definitely manhattan. 10 out of 10 from me.

Nimbasa City

It's Coney island in pokémon! For those of you who don't know, Coney island is a supposedly a "cheap, bad" amusement park, but everyone goes there anyway and they all have a really fun time. I've never been myself but i know a few people who have. It also gives off a kind of broadway vibe. I'd say, this fits in very well.

Desert Resort

Sorry to dissapoint but Deserts don't really exist in new york, especially deserts with castles.

Battle Subway

Where else would you battle? A bus? A battle bus sounds dumb. No, this is new york, where we take the subway and we battle our pokémon too. Seems like a bit of a safety hazard, but ehh. Who really cares about that in the pokémon world, where you can make your Giant Pokémon use earthquake from behind you.

Celestial Tower

There aren't any majestic stone towers in new york.

Dragonspiral Tower

When will Gamefreak learn we don't have any deserts, majestic stone towers, or castles in new york!

N's Castle

The amount of ruins and castles here is uncalled for.

Abyssal Ruins

*No comment*

Skyarrow Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge! Good job Gamefreak! Good job!

The New Pokémon

They aren't new. But at the time they were. I'll be "reviewing" all the black and white pokémon based on if they seem like something that would like in NY.

The Starters