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News: The Website is up! Yaaay!

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Indigo: Hi! As you know, pokémon websites are an endangered species nowadays. And of course we have to stick together :D so i decided to make this portion of the site that links to pokemon websites. I am currently affiliated with The Cave of Dragonflies, and i now have a sibling site as well, Mirage Island. I'm also working to get more affiliates. Either way, i hope you enjoy these websites.

Mirage Island Sibling Site!

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Mirage Island is a website created by my friend Myuma. It has a some of content about the Gold and Silver remakes, as well as some other stuff. I can't wait to see how this website grows and evolves over time.

The Cave of Dragonflies Affiliate!

This website right here IS THE WEBSITE! It's awesome. It's run by the Amazing Butterfree, who is pretty cool and talented and funny. The cave of Dragonflies has a friendly community in addition to fun guides, quizzes and a number of other AMAZING things. This website served as my biggest inspiration for making my website and stuff.

Altered Origin

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Ahh... i used to spend my days of my childhood here so i feel a bit nostalgic. I highly reccomend you check out the pheonixdex section, because that's a load of fun.

Nose Club

Yep, that's right. A website about nosepass. And this little cutie that bluwiikoon draws is the magnificent masgot of bluwiikoon's mostly art website.

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You should know this Website by now. If you don't. Shame on you :P