Indigo Corner!
News: The Website is up! Yaaay!


Indigo: Hello! As you no doubt guessed, or know, making a website is hard. So a lot of people/stuff helped me out along the way so i feel the need to thank them.


Neocities is the website hoster for my website, as you can see in my domain, and it might just be the best thing on the internet since pokemon fan-websites were concieved back in the late 90's. Neocities essentially lets you host websites, for free, and has HTML tutorials and all kinds of stuff, and i have to say. Neocities it awesome. I'm going to get the supporter rank later on so i can have more space and bandwidth, features, etc to my website but i'm also looking forward to just giving neocities money because they have an amazing company that's very honest. :D so i'll link them here if anyone is interested in them.


Myuma is not a website hoster. She is a fellow webmaster and friend. Myuma has helped me out a lot and our websites are growing together, so i have her to thank for a few things.


Butterfree has been so helpful to me. Butterfree runs the popular pokémon website, and she's probably the most helpful of everyone on this list. Butterfree spent a whole hour helping me fix a javascript problem, affiliated with me, and whenever i had a problem, she always seemed to have the answer.

Webmasters from The Cave of Dragonflies Forums

Lots of these peeps really helped me out. Honorable mentions go to Kyeugh, Mewtini, Myuma and Butterfree.

Smogon Sprite Project

All the Gen 5 style sprites of gen 6/7/8 pokémon are made by them, therefore i need to link to them, because that seems like a good way to give credit :P

Am i missing someone? Please email me at if you feel like i'm missing someone.