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Indigo: Hi! I'm IndigoEmmy. Welcome to My Website, Indigo's Corner. Here you'll find Guides, Riddles, Art and hopefully someday, a nice communtiy at the Forums (Community Starts with you :P ). It's a lot of fun. I won't keep you here too long, because you gotta go check these stuff out.

Website News

A brief explanation...

Hello friends! I do very much intend to return to this website better than ever. I'm working on a few things behind the scenes right now. I'm not quite done with this idea, but Indigo's Corner is going to be apart of Emerald Creative Projects (ECP), which is my little grouping of all the creative projects i work on. Anyhow, I do have other projects to work on, so this website will be less of a priority. But i do have 3 large priorities relating to this website. *looks up how to use HTML lists because it's been so long.*

  • Touch up the website, the navigation, the menus, etc.
  • Add more content every so often.
  • Add things relating to the fansite badge quest... :> a mystery to all you folks.
  • Finish Pokemon vietnamese crystal.
  • Anyhow! I will be back (working on things right now actually) with this website being apart of ECP! :D yaaay!

    My god, i have neglected this website.


    It's official: This is a real hiatus although some things have been being worked on behind the scenes. Could I come back? Highly likely, but it's going to be apart of another project i've been working on.

    Pokémon: Bootleg Vietnamese Version!


    omg. I found the best thing ever. Pokémon vietnamese crystal. Basically, it's pokémon crystal, but bootleg. I began a let's play over here and it's... very silly. Please don't spoil it for me, because i want to play it blind (I know regular pokémon crystal, so don't worry). In addition, i have affiliated with Greninja from grenin's place, so here's the lil' button for that. I should be adding it to the menu but i have so many pages by now it's a huge effort to add anything to the menu. I keep meaning to fix this but i've been lazy as heck this summer. I really do need to fix my website xD.
    Anyway, here's the button until it has a permanant place on the menu.

    Also i forgot about pokémon reviews. My bad. Squirtle coming soon. :D

    Bleh! Stuff!


    In the following days, more and more people have found my site, so i need to put up more content. >m< it's kinda stressful, but fun and it must be done. Here are some pages of content for you, even though one was already released, it just fell in the old updates section. Shiny Hunting Guide Pokémon Reviews (Incomplete)

    I'm back!


    I had a busy weekend. But i've still been updating a bit. I have an idea for a little section on my site that would be fun to do, and it's something fairly simple i can do. On top of that, i've been working harder in the "Articles" section, so not much is here now but we are going to get a big boom in stuff coming pretty soon :D.

    Slightly More Stuff


    Bluwiikoon from noseclub has agreed to affiliate with me! Now i have my second affiliate, and i made sure to edit the affiliate bar on the side.

    I'm temporarily closing the forums to ensure that the forums are Perfect by the time i realease them again!

    I opened a new section on my site. It's not done yet, but come and check out what i have so far. Click here.

    Less stuff


    I've been very very busy. I helped my sister make a website, am currently reviewing a website for affiliation, and school, and a bunch of other stuff. I will probably not have much stuff up today, but let's hope tommorow we'll have some stuff.

    So much stuff!! :D


    Ok. lots of stuff happened. First of all, i'm affiliated now with the Cave of Dragonflies, which is awesome. Next of all, i'm going to get the paid/supporter version of Neocities. I'm going to put up an acknowledments section today, but i have nothing else planned to release, but i will be working on my mysterious bigger project as mentioned yesterday that has actually been seen around the web a bit (i leaked it myself :P) so that's all great. Anyway, i hope you enjoy easy access just by clicking on the sidebar that says affiliates over on the cave of dragonflies, or the sidebar that says "sibling sites" over at Mirage Island. I really do have a little website community now :3

    I put up the acknowledgements section and i edited the menu. Please let me know if we have any problems with it.

    I don't exactly have a reason not to, so i'll explain what i'm working on. I'm working on a section that explains competitive battling for people who don't know what competitive battling is. ;D I haven't seen it done before, but it probably has. Either way i'm sure mine will be very different.

    I'm also working on a Jirachi style, since everyone seems to want it. I'm also planning on eventually making this style classic style and having a style more like the splash page, but that's something for the future.

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    Website Events

    Jirachi: Welcome to Indigo's Corner Jirachi hunt! How does it work? Well, you go around and find Jirachi. The first ten people to find Jirachi will be the first to go in my Hall of Fame, and once ten people find Jirachi (Me), Indigo will create a Jirachi Style for the website. Good Luck.



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    This website is a fan website, and anything pokémon related unless explicitly told so, is property of Pokémon/Gamefreak, this content on this website is made not to steal, but to elaborate and give my thanks to such a wonderful franchise. Check pokémon out here.