Indigo Corner!

Oh boy. This is ridiculous. Welcome to pokémon bootleg crystal! Everything here is bootleg. Your mom is bootleg, the pokémon are bootleg, and even Professor oak (He goes by elf monster) is bootleg. To elaborate, some people got a bootleg version of pokémon crystal and translated it to english with so many silly mistakes. Enjoy. :D

Decisions, decisions. I'm going to play as a "gir." I'm not a boy, i'm a gir.

Hmm... elves? Do you mean pokémon?

Oh professor oak. Youv've changed since going through translation. Now you want me to call you elf monster? Ok...

Actually, pokémon here are called elves. Get your facts right, elf monster.

Due to the fact that professor oak's dialogue was so long, i decided not to put in screenshots. But i do have some text excerpts.

Professor Oak: Elfs, here are called monster
they existed
They play friendly
Help eachother
but we don't understand them
there are many
secrets inside
to know these
I do A
for everyday


Ok now it's time for me to name myself. I decided to put "Indigo" through babelfish and it went from Indigo, to Dark Blue, to Blue Blood, to Spicy Blue, to Spicy. My characters name will therefore, be... spicy. :D

As you can see, i'm missing out if i'm not using one of those glorius default names.

Welp. I did it. No going back now.

(Due to the fact that this dialogue was so long, i decided not to put in screenshots. But i do have some text excerpts.)

Professor Oak: Spicy! Do you get Ready!
Your story will
Start from now
at once
for the future
will meet many
trials and
bitter and sweet
to explore the
lets go to the
monster's world

Sometime soon (like tommorow guys i promise i can get content out :P), i will begin my pokémon èlf journey. Please don't spoil this for me, becuase i want every part of this to be a surprise. All i know about is the Volcano Bakemeat.

See ya soon.