Indigo Corner!
News: The Website is up! Yaaay!

Mew: Hi! Hi! This webpage is completely error free! (Not that there's any reason for announcing this).

About me

Hi! I'm Indigo, Webmaster (duh) Pokémon Fan (duh) and Mega Huge Epic (one would say Dynamax if you were a nerd like me) Fan Worker. But who am i really?

Real Life

First off, my Name is IndigoEmmy. I usually go by Indigo online, and my IRL name is Emmy.

So we got that out of the way. I am a pokémon enthusiast who just can't stop talking about pokémon (It's a bit obsessive). ​
I'm a rootin-tootin' texan who eats leather... I think... (What do texans eat? Beef?).
Anyway, i live at my house with two cats and probably other people (like my family?) but they don't matter as much. I am in my early teens, but despite that i still have the determination to make and run this pokémon site for a very long time and deliver quality content regardless of my age (i hope).


I would like to say i'm a laid back person. But i'm not.

I am extremely exited 24/7, and i am jumpy. And i talk about things to the point where it really annoys people. Believe it or not, i am actually only about 51% extroverted, because i always need some time to recharge and be anti-social.

I'm a fairly optimistic person, and i act really intense. I get obsessed with things almost as soon as i discover i like them. (And that happens a lot). At the time of writing i am currently obsessed with trying to lucid dream, because that sounds amazing.

UPDATE: I'm now obsessed with something else.

I do get REALLY paranoid. And anxious.

I am a pretty nice person and am usually not mean unless you rudely interrupt me during my anti-social recharge time.

Things I like

Well... i have a long list of things i like. But i'll give you a few.

Cats, Video Games, Art, Some Memes, AN EMBARRASSING CHILDREN'S CARTOON, Pokémon (duh), Japanese Mythology, Sometimes Baking, and the list just goes on...

I really like writing and because i started this website and now that i have a website i plan to publish some of my Pokémon Fanfiction.

I do not like sports except for kickball (and i don't even like that very much anymore). I like daydreaming about weird things.

This is a little bit outdated, but My favorite Pokémon are as follows:


Random Facts

  • I LOVE cats. They are like the best things ever. They cuddle up in your lap and purr and when i go on vacations i get separation anxiety.
  • I have a very particular method of eating, i carefully examine the food, then eat the second best bite, then the worst, then i work up to the best bite or piece, that way i maximize the yumminess and finish eating with a good taste in my mouth. This does not apply to food i do not enjoy, or tacos.
  • Anybody who knows me knows that i can become activated Emmy (So like mega Emmy) and get work done at 10x the speed.
  • I also am very interested in film. Even though oddly i don't love watching movies, i love learning things and making films. I have purchased editing software and a camera to make mini-movies and Furret memes.
  • Speaking of Furret memes, i started a youtube channel a while ago that i will not link to because it was deleted :C.
  • My persona as IndigoEmmy is very different than my normal persona. See if you can't find my normal persona online... :D