Indigo Corner!
News: The Website is up! Yaaay!

Old Updates

Here's all the old updates on my site, since i only include 5 on the homepage

Forums and Stuff


Nothing has exactly been added yet. I am i school at the moment so i can only get so much done today. However i did upgrade the forums to the point where they are now tolerable to look at and should work for now. Things are still being adjusted. I'm also working on a brand new section of the site so this should be good. But until then, go check out the forums and post to your heart's content.

Mostly for myself, but i added a front page hit counter, that counts how many times people come on. This is mostly for myself to see how many visitors i actualy get, just out of curiosity (Also i learned a bit of JavaScript while i was at it). Let's try and get to 100 without reloading the page a bunch!

I'm working on something a little bit bigger today... It will most likely be up before long.

Shiny Hunting Guide


You may or may not recognize my Shiny Hunting Guide that i wrote a little while back. Regardless, here it is. I'm working on some stuff and trying to find a permanent place on the menu, but until then click here for it. More updates/content coming throughout the day! :3

Yay! Me and Myuma's Mirage Island Site are now officially sibling sites, and have been noted as so throughout the site. I'm also working on affiliation requests with The Cave of Dragonflies and maybe some other sites too... :D

Also, some people haven't realised how to get back to the home page, so just click on the header. Sorry that wasn't clear.



Ok, this is pretty cool. So welcome everybody who is here from TCoD (and a few friends i invited) and welcome to your early release :3. This website does not currently have all that much but relax i'm working on it. This little news page here will feature about 5 newses at a time (yes newses is in the english dictionary... i think). Speaking of that my grammar is awful so feel free to point something out if it's wrong. enjoy ;3

This website is a fan website, and anything pokémon related unless explicitly told so, is property of Pokémon/Gamefreak, this content on this website is made not to steal, but to elaborate and give my thanks to such a wonderful franchise. Check pokémon out here.