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Review: Charmander Line

This little fellow is iconic. He's so cute! What a cutie! He just chills and breathes fire. He's a pretty good fire-type starter pokémon. Pretty simple.

So what happened to his spikes? It's not a huge deal, but i kind of missed them. I think charmander looks better with spikes. At any rate, Charmander was the starter pokémon i would always choose. I like it's pokedex entrites, saying not only that charmander would die without it's little tail flame, but also saying that it's focus can easily be determined, simple by looking at how full Charmander's tail it. So i like Charmander. It's a real cutie that almost everyone likes.

8 out of 10

An iconic cutie.

A lot of pokémon have "awkward teenage middle-evolution" stages and Charmeleon is no exception to this rule. It's a big lizard with a misleading name. That's all i have to say.

6 out of 10

A weird design, weirder name.

I like Charizard. So does everyone else. So does Gamefreak. I mean seriously, two Mega forms and one Gigantamax form in a region where the other kanto starters didn't live... It's easy to see them picking favorites. However, Charizard is one of the coolest and most iconic starter pokémon (final evolutions of starter pokémon), as well as being decently strong (at least when in sun, to counter his weaknesses). So, i like Charizard a lot.

8 out of 10

Friendly Iconic "Dragon" that gives you a ride in Alola, and has a huge new form in Galar.

This one is trying way to hard to be "cool," at the very least, it is a dragon type. But the Blue and Black is just... ehh. I thought it was cool at first, but it seems like it's trying too hard to be "Edgy" and "Cool."

5 out of 10


I like this one more. It's how i like my mega evolutions, Bigger, cooler, and more simple. It has no additional types, but it gets the Drought ability which is just really useful. It really helps Charizard's moveset problems a lot. Mega Charizard... Those were the days. So, i'd say this is the best form of Charizard.

9 out of 10

Mega Dragoon! Rawr!

I'm gonna eat my words. This is the best form of Charizard. Everything about it just screams "cool" and it's big and it's wings are made of LITERAL FIRE! I'm not saying they weren't trying to make it "cool" a bit too much, but i think they still did make it cool. I have a Charizard (Gmax) on my team in Sword and Shield, and i'm proud to be a Charizard fan in 2020.

9.1 out of 10

I don't usually use decimals, but it juuuust edges ahead of Mega Charizard Y.